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Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by stealthy, Nov 15, 2009.

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    Ok, so as you may know, I run live sound for bands. I only have SM58's, and a Beta 58a. I like the Shure's alot for the fact that they can take a beating, and since I let many, random people use the mics, this is important. I find that often times, on a male, the SM58 is easily lost in the mix. I find that the Beta 58a is a little more clear and present than the SM58, but you have to sing more directly into it, which is hard for some singers who move around alot. Although, the Beta 58a on a female (in my experience) wasnt great. Now, I ran sound for a band recently that used a wireless E865, and man was it phenomenal, but way out my "loaner" price range of up to $140. Versatility is of course important, but what makes something stand out for an application?

    I know mic technique, eq, music style and other factors are big things, but I'm just looking for discussion. What mics in this price range do you use, and what exactly do you use them for? Maybe I'll be buying something in the future. Pro's, con's, selling factors....state your claim!

    Also, Ive got an SM58 or two that are older, slightly beat up it possible that these could sound different than a newer one? Aside from physically being hard on it, what about "over singing" (for lack of a better term) and wearing out the....."cartridge?" ???
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    Nov 16, 2004
    There was a thread a few days ago about this, and the conclusion is that these things are tanks.

    When the roach and rats rule after WWIII, SM58s are what they are using for the PA equipment.
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    You impress me as being an intelligent, inquisitive, hard-working, and open-minded young man. To answer your questions do this:
    Look on the "Microphones" section and read the "$100" thread. Carefully. Then answer rockstardave's dumbass question at the end. Thanks!
    Then you can come back and ask more...
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    Thanks moodbaby, I'm not sure how I missed that thread. I need to navigate this board a little better.
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    No mic fits all. There must be synergy between the mic, the preamp, the speaker system, the vocals and technique, etc. Knowing that the 58 can be made to work on almost anyone in a pinch, I would look at the engineer as the reason something gets lost in the mix. Has the engineer done all he can do?
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    many things can burry the vocal, not only (maybe the least) the mic. mostly loud drums, bass,and keabords, wrong equalizing, and the drummer operating the desk (with one hand). that's my I suggest to bands to lower the bass frequencies on the eq,ask them to control their volume. I've also purchased shure sm86 condenser which has more clarity and cuts can try one. but I had to learn a bit how to use it after the 58's.
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    Yes. Each mic seems to cut differently and you have to hear it to get used to it.

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