Live Monitoring via ASIO4ALL, Kristal, Audtion 1.5, USB MIC.

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by LividBliss, Dec 10, 2005.

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  1. LividBliss

    LividBliss Guest

    I finally figured out live, crisp monitoring with my crappy Soundmax Integrated Digital Card (optic out).

    Kristal with ASIO4ALL driver and Adobe Audtion 1.5.

    Input - Plain ol' USB MIC with no driver (default WDM driver)
    Output - Roland's DM-20 Digital monitors (optic in/out)

    I thought it would be impossible being that the Soundamax Cards don't recognize USB Mics for live monitoring and don't support ASIO. In fact, AA 1.5 doesn't support ASIO either.....
    Some said that Cubase SX demo was needed to make Kristal run the ASIO driver clean but Adobe works as well.

    Not sure how to measure the latency in ms, but it can't be that much....sounds good.
  2. macbodock

    macbodock Guest

    Re: Live Monitoring via ASIO4ALL, Kristal, Audtion 1.5, USB

    Crisp and crappy in one line. IS that allowed? I never thought I could get a crisp sound out of anything crappy! HA.... :D

    Warmest Regards
  3. LividBliss

    LividBliss Guest

    CRISP AND CRAPPY.......Sounds appetizing eh?

    Crappy refered to the Soundmax not recognizing ASIO or a USB MIC for live monitoring. I went around the card with ASIO4ALL/KRISTAL/AUDITON and then used its digital out to my DM-20's.

    Its 16bit optic out, so it could be better, but I am very surprised with the lack of latency and quality.....

    I am not even supposed to be able to monitor at all with my setup. Alot of people on the AA 1.5 forums, USB MIC users on PC, and Soundmax users seem to post, asking how to do it. IT CAN BE DONE!!!!
  4. macbodock

    macbodock Guest

    Are you using the driver from USB-Audio???

    Warmest Regards,
  5. LividBliss

    LividBliss Guest

    I used ASIO4ALL DRIVER and its PC only I think. I had to use it because nothing I had supported Audio Streaming IN/OUT (ASIO). Neither my soundcard or Audition would let me listen to my USB MIC live. ASIO4ALL driver "tricked" my soundcard into live monitoring when I used the Kristal Mixer LIVE-IN Function to ASIO4ALL output. Using Audition at same time just helped the clarity of the feed because Krystal is free/weaker. ASIO4ALL was made for those cheap guys that don't upgrade their cards like me...

    The USB-Audio Driver helps the latency issue when you have a soundcard or DAW that can handle ASIO but still have latency using USB hardware. It works around your operating system and soundcard for a faster connection or something to that effect. I can't use the USB-AUDIO driver because I don't have the hardware or software that has natural ASIO ability. As far as I know, certain companies even provide the USB-AUDIO Driver with their devices or software to help with latency. It's the only one I have come across that works with a MAC, but there may be more out there.

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