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  1. hey everyone,
    My band is looking to play the samples we have on our recordings during our live show. The only problem is.... if the sample comes in mid song... we are playing so off time of the sample....

    i was wondering what we should do. i know that im thinking of getting in-ear monitors for the drummer. i was wondering if in those monitors we should just have a metronome playing..... or what would be the best option?

    i figured i would ask on here thinking someone will know what to do
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    Yes, either in-ear monitors to give both the tempo and the start point, or else trigger the samples at the right time from a pedal or a drum pad only used for that purpose.
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    Things to consider with ears in drummers. The drums are high output, and the backline is high output. In-ears are going to have to be very high quality and output. I wouldn't use them myself because studies are showing that people are actually going deaf and having hearing health issues more with in-ears, because the artist controls the level, and has no break from sound on stage. A click in the ear can be very painful.

    I would suggest a pair of throne thumpers. You put those on his throne, feed it the click and he can feel it rather than blast his ears. Let the in-ears get some click, but not all of it.
  4. Thanks guys i really appreciate it. Any other pointers?

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