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  1. Hey guys, so I am with a company that goes out with bands and records their sets to be sold once the show is over. As of right now we are using a MOTU 8 channel pre and that is it. I am looking for a few good ideas (with a limit on budget) that might be able to help boost the signal to a higher level so I dont have to worry about peaking out on my pres to get a good final product. Also, I was thinking of switching out the preamps with something new... it would need to have a firewire port. We have been messing around with so far a dbx 160, an aural exciter, and a tc electronics finalizer. Any other ideas in the vein of these would be great.
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    Are you talking about pulling a live mix, processing it in place and *immediately* selling it?

    Or recording the show, mixing at a later date and selling live recordings later...?

    If the latter, then you have to worry about preamps and what not.

    If the former, you split to a different console (or create a stereo aux mix or matrix from the FOH console) and go from there. If you want to protect it from clipping, you can certainly use a Finalizer or Quantum.
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    Really you are talking about flying by the seat of your pants mixing. There is no reason to peak out preamps. Not even sure why you are bothering with an 8 track recorder? Mix to stereo and on the output of your mixer insert a TC finalizer. That's it. No other nonsense is needed. Extra processing? OK then stick a limiter on the lead vocal. Stick a limiter on the bass. Mix to stereo and then into the finalizer.

    You really don't think you're going to get a $50,000 sound out of a $2000 system do you? Enhancers and other blah blah is not going to improve your technique in mixing. It's only your technique that will make the mix sound professional.

    Flying by the seat of my pants
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