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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by doulos21, Jul 28, 2004.

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    May 26, 2003
    hello all im trying to understand the basics of live recording. I'm planning on recording a church band using a fostex multi track rec taking the direct outs off a mackie live mixer into the seperate tracks and adding stereo paired mics for the crowd. then dumping all into pro tools. I know taking the direct outs I'll bypass the eq wich i prefer, but is this approach worse then splitting the signal at the mixer? aka seperating the feeds? I'd like to get the theroy down cause I'm thinking of buying a true stand alone hard disk rec for this to use with my tascam dm24, but i want to cut my teeth on the church band with portable gear till i understand what im doing a bit better? any info on this topic would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    if you seperate the mic feeds, you'll need another mixer or preamps, to get line level into your recorder..its best to use an active splitter box, but just splitting works fine, but you'll probably have to at least lift the earth of your lines, or even seperate using a transformer, to avoid earthloop and/or other buzzes, hums and rattles..
    the level of your mackiemixer and recorder might not match,
    so make sure you optimize your mic gain , so your recorder gets a healthy level, but doesn't overload..
    a pair of hypercardiods/shotguns usually works nice for ambi, pointed at the back of the venue, mixed with 2 nice condensers for the front rows..
    maybe you already knew this, but, hey, i wrote it down anyway.

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