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  1. hey guys,
    I am needing to come up with a system for playing backtracks/samples during a live show.We need some way to play the samples through the house speakers, while giving our drummer a click track to play to in sync with the samples without giving the house speakers the click track. What i would really like is for our drummer to run this. We are getting more into using simple backtracking and sampling for some of our music and dont know much about the area.

    Any suggestions?

  2. decode

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    i would use a notebook, a multi out audio-
    interface and 'ableton live' as software.

    you could also trigger backtracks by some
    sampler software like native instruments kontakt
    that you can use standalone.
    kontakt can play tracks direct from harddisk, so
    it doesn´t matter how long they are.
    you would have to prepare click tracks though.

    or use a hardware harddisk recorder for the
    backtracks and the click, and a roland spds
    for live-triggering additional samples.

  3. djrr3k

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    Easiest way to do it, Ipod + DI Box

    think of it as 2 channels instead of left and right

    channel 1, click.
    channel 2, mono audio
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    A slightly different suggestion: pick up a second-hand Roland VS880, or something similar. (its a portastudio style 8 track HD recorder / mixer).

    The backing tracks could then be in stereo if you want, while still allowing a separate click track.

    Another useful bonus: playback can be started with a footswitch, and the VS has an option to automatically stop playback at each locate point. In other words you can start each song by stomping on a pedal, and at the end of the track the VS will stop playback automatically and wait for you to cue the next song with another stomp.

    And if you turn off the data compression it will probably also sound better than an Ipod

    <edit> of course the VS880 also has a 1/4" headphones socket built in, and can send the click track to the cans while sending your stereo mix to the aux outs. ;)
  6. Zoro

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    Ipod/laptop and DI is the best way to go.

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