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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by elemnt_x, Sep 6, 2004.

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    hey im part of a typical band that generates absolutely no revenue. regardless, we still record our live sets. we don't have the time/gear to mic each instrument with a mixer. last week i set up just a simple cond. mic with a preamp to mic the room, and i shot it into my laptop. i was actually very impressed with the quality it achieved, very clean and picked up all the instruments well. anyhow, my laptop can't handle to record for an hour at a time, so i'd like to get maybe a dat machine, or similar device. around $100 used would be great. what do you guys think?
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    I've been thinking about getting one of these
    to replace my minidisc recorder for location recordings that don't want to pay me to drag out the full multitrack rig. Right now I use a portable minidisc for those jobs, but 4 tracks would be kewl.

    I'd need to get a bigger disk for the thing, but that shouldn't be hard to find.
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    DAT recorders were and still are an ideal way to record at digital quality up to 120 min. per tape for the least amount of money invested. You can find great bargins used, but beware as they are somewhat fragile and require alignment and routine maintenance every now and then and will likely need it after it has been bumped around durring shipping.
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    Since you are happy with what you already have, why not invest in an external FireWire or USB2.0 Hard Drive? This will yeild an instant expansion in recording time, and allow for overdubbing and mastering inside the PC/Laptop without worrying about digtial transfers from DAT or a standalone mulitrack DAW.

    You can even buy a FireWire 5.25" external bay for roughly $40, and buy a 250Gig ATA100 Hard Drive for about $120, and "build it yourself" opposed to $225 or more for a "pre-assembled" 250Gig FireWire HD. 250Gigs of un-compressed 24 bit Waves will get you over 200 HOURS of stereo recording!

    Something to think about. Also, having a stereo drum track (L/R spaced pair mics), followed by overdubbing the instruments into your PC can have very "pro" results if done wisely. Makes for a very convincing demo.

    Later :cool:
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