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  1. speakeasy

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    I have some good piano note samples eg : notes A to G two octaves.
    When I load each note into Kontact 1 as a new instrument, all the notes play together. ie : I load C as a new instrument and then C# as a new instrument. I play the note for C but both C and C# play together.
    How can I get Kontact 1 to play each note individually ?
  2. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2002
    Easy: You have to use the mapping editor. Create a new instrument (just one) , click its edit button, and click on mapping editor. Notice that keyboard at the bottom and that big, blue region at the top? The sound file associated with the blue regoin will play when whatever key it's touching is struck. You must drag each file onto the mapping grid, drag its left and right edges until that blue regoin is only touching a single key. You can also adjust each note's pan settings to get a stereo spread from low to high. Also, if you run out of notes at the top or bottom, you can make your last note's blue regoin touch all the keys after the actual note that the file represents and Kontakt will resample the file on the fly to create the additional notes.
  3. speakeasy

    speakeasy Guest

    Reply to David French re Piano Samples.

    Hi David.
    Thankyou very much. I've been fiddling around for weeks with this without success. I'll now have a go follwing your instructions.
    This I gather will mean that I'll now at last be able to load my Rhodes single note samples etc. Halalulyah !!
    If ok with you I will reply after I've tried this. At times I have problems with Kontact 1 etc and need a little help.

    Thanks sincerely, David

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