Logic 5.5 for pc use- i need a software upgrade

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Multani, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. Multani

    Multani Guest

    hi, at the moment i am using cubasis for all mixing and recording and it is poor. in the future i hope to get a mac and the most recent logic but im only 16 at the mo' so not yet!

    just to sort of "tide me over" until then i thought i could get logic 5.5 to play around with as it is pc friendly...........................

    is it worth it? i am guessing even though it was released in 2002 it will still be light years ahead of my cubasis- would you recomend me doing this- will it run ok on windows xp home?

    i have seen it on ebay with start of of £10 but you can only pay though paypal............pants.

    anywhere i can get it cheap in the uk?
  2. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    Why would an old Logic be better than a new Steinberg(Or any other software)? I'm not very "out on the edge", myself, far as jumping on the latest/greatest, but, I would hestitate to purchase any unsupported "antiques", either.

  3. Multani

    Multani Guest

    well i see your point but i dont think you can understand the lameness of cubasis VST that came with my us-122(tascam inerface). i am sure anything would be better than this........................
  4. axel

    axel Guest

    i say go for 5.5 for PC get your head around it learn it PROPPERLY, by the time you have pushed the version to it's limits you will have a mac by then, and can get a newer version and you will be a logic wizard...

    i now to electronic artists friends of mine (scsi9) who making incredible nice music with version 4.x on OS9, that much to the update race...

    i also stay usually rather away from the newest versions, specially lately, as it seems we all have been turned into lousy Beta testers... but that's just my 2cents...
  5. keph

    keph Guest

    i have friends who still use 5.5 on the PC and while the newer versions certainly are improved, 5.5 is perfectly usable.

    that said, i'd be careful of buying it off ebay. i've heard much of the 5.5 PC copies for sale out there are cracks. 5.5 on the PC was widely 'available'.

    axel: i've been a big scsi-9 since his salo and force releases. was just listening to digital russian lp the other day. i caned the "middle of the way" ep for at least a year straight.
  6. axel

    axel Guest

    hi keph, yeah... maxim and anton doin' some nice electronica...
    did you checked stuff on http://www.deepmix.ru ??? DJ Kubikov AKA anton from scsi9, he has some nice mixes and stuff flying around there...
  7. creatortj

    creatortj Guest

    Make sure if you get Logic off of Ebay, you implicitly ask if the Logic version you are buying comes with the USB dongle so you can properly register it.

    Also make sure you get the Platinum version. This version hasx all of the goodies you will like.....max. number of tracks, sampler, some alright softsynths, etc.

    This is also the cheaper way to go to get Logic 7 (Mac- the newest versinon). The cost of Logic 5.5 along with the upgrade price to Logic 7 should be at least $200-$400 cheaper than buying Logic 7 new.

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