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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by rjchubba, Jul 9, 2008.

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    Hi there,im a new member and was wondering if anyone can help me?

    I have been using (Slow Tools), oops sorry,Pro Tools for over 10 years now
    in my work as Freelance Engineer.

    I have now opted to go back to Logic for the fact i can get a damn sight more
    Audio channels 220 compared to Pro Tools LE 48 with Music Prod Tool Kit and there is the latency issue with LE.

    I have just purchased a Yamaha O3D Dig desk which i want to use with Logic
    but im not 100% sure what is the best way to do this (been stuck in the world of Pro Tools for too long).

    1- Is it possible to connect the O3d to my Mac G5 so i can mix from the O3D to control Logic?

    2-Do i need to buy a card which will be the link between the G5 and the 03D?

    If anyone can help me on this matter it would be a great help.

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    You could connect via firewire if you have the optional mLan card, or with an ADAT interface with the ADAT option.

  3. Boswell

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    It's not clear from your post, but are you trying to use the 03D as a control surface rather than as a mixer?

    The 02R96 and 01V96 both have a "General DAW" target setting in their remote MIDI control menu which can be used for control of Logic Pro 8 via the USB MIDI interface. I don't think the 03D has that, so you may be out of luck.


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