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  1. yasuyoshik

    yasuyoshik Guest

    Hi, I am a logic user and I am thinking about buying new audio interface. The audio work is not doing the job I want to get (cuz I would record at least 8cha at one time from my MPC) I am looking at MOTU 2408 or Lyla/delta. but many say sound quality of both system isn the best and ASIO is kinda suck at logic..are they true? what audio card or HD recording system should I get? I can pay upto $1300.

    thanx.. yasu
  2. spud

    spud Guest

    I have used both the 2408 and the 1224 and found both to do the job nicely If you can use digital outs from you recording format into logic then I would recomend the 2408 as the flexibility it offers through the Digi I/O 's is quite good However if you only use analog I/O then go for the 1224 as In my opinion it sounds better. But yes ASIO does suck with Logic and you lose some functions and have added latency issues
  3. garysjo

    garysjo Active Member

    Jun 15, 2001
    Pembroke, MA
    I'm a relatively new DAW and Logic user, but have been quite happy with the Hammerfall card from RME. Exactly what does suck about Asio and Logic? And is it expected to be improved upon in 5.0?
  4. pan

    pan Guest

    Sorry Guys, but what kind of systems and various soundcards suck or don't is not of particular interest in this Forum.

    If ASIO sucks, then post a question about how to improve the performance of your computer.

    But yes
    ASIO does suck with Logic and you lose some functions and have added latency issues

    You lose some function in relation to what? A full blown ProTools Rack?

    The only other option that will not suck *latencywise* is ... hmm expensive ;)

    P.S. 28.12.01
    I closed this topic to give it a restart in a more informative manner - not to offend anyone of the participants or to make them shut up! ;)

    Keep on ROcking!

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