Logic audio buffer help requested.

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by goodge, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. goodge

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    Ok so i was sitting in on a logic recording session and i remember the engineer saying

    " You will have to change the
    buffer settings in logic audio preferrences in order to record "
    as i was taking in a thousand other studio quirks and rooting paths etc i was only half on the ball... i know terrible hey.

    My question is firstly

    what is a buffer setting when applied to audio?

    how do i decide on a setting?

    and for what reason is this setting correct.?

    How many other basic buffer devices/settings do i need to know about to assist with my recordings.?

    Can i set this setting to be perminant so i dont have to go through this hassle again?

    I searched in Logic help for some well help and computer says no help so i'm turning to you peeps as i'm usually in good hands here.

    Thanks :)
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    Shouldn't you be asking the engineer about this? That's what you're there for anyway right?

    At any rate the buffer setting has to do (I believe) with the amount of memory which is allocated to "store" the audio info before it gets written to hard drive. Too little buffer and you will end up with interruptions resulting in pops and clicks. Too much buffer and you end up with a delay in the audio A.K.A. latency.

    This setting can be a "Ron Popeel" setting("Set it and forget it") :-?
    but I like to raise the buffer when I mix as it allows for more plugins. The buffer only adversely affects recording latency.
  3. goodge

    goodge Guest

    Yes i will do next time i see him, it was just an interest that i wanted to have a little knowledge about plus this is a forum to discuss such interests.

    tHANKS for the info
  4. gdoubleyou

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    Some people change the buffer settings for using softsynths, and again during the mixing process.

    Also if you are having performance problems, a larger buffer may be needed.

    I've been using Logic Express and now Logic pro on my Macs with no issues so I've allways used the default settings.

  5. goodge

    goodge Guest

    thanks man

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