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  1. I currently have a m-audio delta 44 card

    in the inputs to this card i have

    input 1 - Line 6 pod xt pre - amp

    input 2 - Line 6 pod xt pre - amp

    input 3 - M-Audio Buddy Mic Pre- amp

    input 4 - M-Audio Buddy Mic Pre- amp

    Ouput 1 - To the Mixer

    Ouput 2 - To the Mixer

    Ouput 3 - To the Mixer

    Ouput 4 - To the Mixer

    But when i press record in logic and play the guitar or sing into nothing comes out how can i get around this?!? Or is it easier to use cubase sx?

    help please!!!
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    Sounds like you haven't selected an output on the channel strip.


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