logic pro 7 vs dig perf

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by sinik, Dec 20, 2004.

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    Hello, newcomer to the list here. I tried a search, but didn't find anything relevant quickly, so I'll just ask. I have a live sound gig at a bar in Bozeman MT, bought a Mackie SDR a couple of years ago, and have been doing local band recordings since. I've been utilizing all of my live sound gear and some nicer stuff, but not being able to store settings makes it very difficult if clients want changes to the mix. Plus the number of conversions I do by the time I'm done mastering is pretty pathetic.
    Anyway, I'm looking at getting computer based, maybe just getting software for now, still recording with the SDR, then transferring the wav files to my G4 laptop. Any reaction or comments about logic pro 7 vs digital performer? Wondering specifically about using lp7 with the G4, since I read it was intended for the G5. Thank you
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    I own both, Logic is more cpu-friendly. I'm running it on a 1GHz, Powerbook. No problems doing sessions of 32-48 tracks.

    The included plugs alone are worth the price.

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    Thank you G-dub, I appreciate your reply. Any other opinions?

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