Logic.. some quick pointers...anyone?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Felix, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Felix

    Felix Guest

    i'm doing an "in-the-box" remix in Logic tommorrow. i think it's 6.x.
    i'm used to ProTools Mix.

    the Logic rig is using Digi 001 as interface.
    how are the converters on the 001?

    most of mix is MIDI info for the sampler in Emagic.
    any pointers on what to look out for with Logic sonically, or in general?

    what plug-ins are best, or 'to-be-avoided'?
    it only has the logic plugs installed- no third party ones.
  2. huub

    huub Guest

    ah, yes..i do everything in logic, both midi and audio stuff..
    although i use waves compression for my lead vox, i use logic eq and compression for everything else, no problem.
    the logic plugins are great sounding!!
    the platinumverb is a bit metallic sounding though, ok for in a mix,
    but only if a bit inaudible..maybe if you have the new convolution reverb installed, use that by all means.
    the exs 24 sampler is also great, very straightforward to use...
    and even for 'mastering' the adaptive limiter is very useful..
  3. Felix

    Felix Guest

    for what it's worth, i much prefer PT for audio and MIDI.
    but that's also what i'm used to. so, a pretty darned biased opinion.
    i wasn't ever finding myself saying, "wow, i think i'll switch to Logic."
    it was kind of buggy and not straight forward enough for me.
    though that Envelope plug-in is very cool on KIK, SNR and Toms!
    the IR reverb is nice also.
    the sampler is also really nice.
    that's just my opinion after my first time on it. maybe if i spend more time using it, i'll like it more....
  4. huub

    huub Guest

    oh, yes i forgot the enveloper plugin!!
    it's fantastic for changing the attack of a sound, withouth resorting to compression..it's really useful..
  5. mjones4th

    mjones4th Active Member

    Aug 15, 2003
    I like the EXS24, but for me its more of a preset player (ROMpler - for converted Giga, SF2 and Akai libraries) because it is so tedious and convoluted to build instruments. But on the plus side, its very CPU friendly.

    The other Emagic instruments are all really good except for the EVP88, it just sounds dry, IMO. The ES1 is a plain vanilla analog emulation, good for basslines. The ES2 is about as powerful (and complex) as Absynth, IMO. It has wavetable synthesis, a limited form of FM, and enough modulation to seriously bend any sound you can think of. The EVB3 is every bit as good as the B4, and is more flexible. The EVD6, although it seems like a one trick pony, can crank out some really good acoustic guitar sounds, as well as harpsichord, EP and wierd stuff. I haven't really played with the EVOC20 yet, so I'll hold my opinion of that.

    The emagic effects will do for a quick fix, but compared to third party compressors and eq's, they don't hold a candle. Words like shrill, harsh and muddy come to mind. I like the Phase distortion, particularly on analog synths (or VA in this case). The enveloper is cool, like mentioned above. But Space Designer is to die for! Bitcrusher can be good too, when you need that sort of effect. I don't really care for the de-esser, or the multiband compressor, because I have a hard time making them sound like I want, but the adaptive limiter is pretty good, but not as good as the Waves L1.

    Try the Sonalksis comp and eq (the SV-315 and SV-517, both AU), and the PSP Vintage Warmer (currently only VST, but there is a wrapper available FXpansion VST-AU Converter). THere's also the DigitalFishPhones Free AU plugins. I really like their compressor, but I have yet to figure out the de-esser.

    That's my 2c, there, I'm broke.


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