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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by billrc, Oct 13, 2003.

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  1. billrc

    billrc Guest

    Hi just got back from AES and my head is spinning. Am just getting into home recording and am a Mac person (what can I say). But that being the case I am trying to choose between Logic and ProTools.(or is there something better for macs out there?) If I go with Logic I'm looking at the MOTO 828mkII. I think they both work out to about the same price. Do you think there is any major difference? And how in the world do you pick which microphone to buy. I tried so many but to tell you the truth I couldn't tell what would be best for my voice and at what price. I think the hard part of this hobby is just choosing the equipment.
  2. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2003
    Kirkland WA
    Home Page:
    Logic has more/better composition tools. If you are into midi, and are more of a composer Logic is better.

    If you are more concerned with audio recording/engineering Pro Tools is more like a tape recorder.

    I'm more musician than engineer I use DP and Logic for composing and audio recording.

  3. pponomarev

    pponomarev Guest

    Yeah, for home recording and composition, Logic and Digital Performer are the most popular host-based Mac-only applications.

    Try them both and see what fits you best.
  4. tron

    tron Guest

    Which Pro Tools? HD3?
    Let's compare them

    Sample rate:
    L= 192 HD3= 192

    Audio hardware support
    L=all (toghether) HD3= Digi

    L=255 HD3 192

    pluging instances:
    L=15 per tracks unlimited CPU with freeze
    HD3= 5 per tracks, DSP limited

    instrument tracks with no need to have Midi/AUX/Audio tracks separately
    L=yes HD3 N/A

    auto plugins delay compensation
    L=audio=instrument tracks HD3 N/A

    full automation
    L=yes HD3=yes

    full audio editing features
    L=yes HD3=yes

    surround production in all formats
    L=yes HD3 yes

    MIDI sequencer
    L=full featured HD3=spartan/basic

    audio structure
    L=32 bit floating point in the whole audio flow
    HD3=24 bit fixed point TDM. plugin processing at 56 bit with 24 bit truncation or dithering at every plugin instance

    sound quality
    L=1:1 HD3= IMO (that's personal) bad sound

    plugins formats
    L=AU and VST (converted) HD3: Pro Tools and soon VST (converted)

    GUI personalisation
    L= 90 screensets HD3= 2 windows whose position is remembered

    Channelstrip in edit window
    L=yes HD3 N/A

    L=full HD3=full

    Video track
    L=yes with firewire output
    HD3=yes with firewire output

    automation data
    L=32bit HD3=12 bit
  5. mjones4th

    mjones4th Active Member

    Aug 15, 2003
    If only it were as simple as a few stats.

  6. billrc

    billrc Guest

    Tron, I was talking about PT LE not HD3. This is just for personal recording. Thanks to everyone that responded. I asked this question in another forum and it seems that Logic gets better reviews. It is a bit harder to master I think but will be the better program for me. Thanks again, Bill
  7. For what it's worth - I used logic for almost a decade, and got to really love that program. As I'm on a Wintel machine, it's no longer really an option (though I still have my copy and use it from time to time). I invested in the PTLE (Digirack 002) and, quite honestly, was not that thrilled with it. The ProTools LEplug-insbundled with digi 002 are nothing special nor is the hardware (8 analog i/os and 8 ADAT i/o, SPDIF i/o) - but it's functional. The point is for about $1200, you'd GET the hardware AND software - I don't know what Logic Platinum costs now, it used to be in the $600 range, but you'll have to get decent hardware - perhaps the MOTU line, as you mentioned.

    As software, I use Pro Tools for AUDIO ONLY - as many here have eluded to - it's MIDI is basically useless (it's something like cakewalk 2.0 from the early 90s). As as audio tool, it's limited to 32 tracks at playback and 16 buses for extra stuff - typically enough, but you never know. I simply use it for interchange with other studios and with MAC based studios in NY - it makes it easier. As a composer, I WOULD definately take the MOTU, LOGIC, or CUBASE host of programs over the Pro Tools system.

    Hope this helps


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