Logiconizer Free beta for all Logic users. Coming Soon

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    Bored to rename icons?
    Bored to guess where will they appear?
    Bored to guess which default icons will be hidden?
    Download in few days the Logiconizer app

    . You can visually load custom icons in a "Logic icons menu" simulation.
    - Logiconizer renames them automatically
    - With a mouse click Logiconizer exports your icons setup into the right folder.
    - Imports your actual icons for backup
    - Build infinite full Logic icons sets, and recall them later
    - Bring it with you on the road and into the studios , and with a mouse click apply your icons to the project
    - Use it to exchange full Logic icons sets with your friends
    - Icons are stored in it's database, making it a real Logic icon Vault.

    Coming soon

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