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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by asknone9, Mar 14, 2009.

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    I have recently started a home recording studio, and was wondering what you guys think of using the Z-2300 system as a faux-studio monitor. I have every intention of getting studio monitors soon, but at the moment I am more curious as to how well you think these can get the job done. The reason I ask is because I've seemed to gather that the definition of THX Certification seems to linger in the area of accurate sound reproduction. The Z-2300s are THX certified, and since we buy studio monitors for their flat, accurate sound reproduction, would it be safe to assume that these could achieve more or less the same thing? Please feel free to reorganize my logic (no pun) if I have faltered somewhere.
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    Yeah, what you have there is a set of glorified home theater speakers.

    Mixing on those is going to be hard, they aren't accurate at all. In fact they are specifically inaccurate to give a nice warm rounded tone to your medea.

    I'm sure if I threw enough money at the problem, I could my string and Styrofoam cup coms system THX certified.

    Really, I not rpping on your speakers just because I'm an elitist snob. Appart from the fact that I pride myself on being a dirt snob... Just saying your mixes are going to be scooped and probably way bass heavy.

    Use them in conjunction with a set of decent headphones and before you send anything off to be mastered, double check on something decent.
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    You would be better off spending $150-$250 on a dedicated pair of monitors.

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