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Lookin' for a Monitor Matrix

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by profesrgeo, May 15, 2001.

  1. profesrgeo

    profesrgeo Guest

    Hi Fletcher and everyone,

    I'm looking for a stand alone monitor matrix that will create eight separate STEREO headphone mixes from sixteen line level inputs. I envision a relatively simple rackmount mixer with 16 line level ins with each channel strip having eight pairs of knobs (gain and pan) and a master section with eight knobs controlling the master volume of each stereo mix.

    Anybody know if this beast exists or will I have to pull out a soldering iron and get medieval…

  2. Rader Ranch

    Rader Ranch Active Member

    Feb 14, 2001
    closest thing i've seen lately is:

    doesn't exactly fit your specs though...
  3. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2000
    What would your budget be for such a device?
  4. profesrgeo

    profesrgeo Guest

    Thanks for the replies,

    The HR 16 would be ok, but I would think a line level monitor mixer might cost less.

    The Furman rig would set me back ± $3,000 for six stations. I'd like eight to handle my 7 piece plus an extra for sit ins.

    My comfort level for this function is more like $1,500 to $2,000

    Thanks again for the input
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    I dunno, maybe a bunch of used Mackie 16x 2 desks? The only other thing I can think of that can do what you're talking about is the Speck Electronics "Xtramix"...which at $3,500 a piece ain't going to come in under budget.

    Best of luck with your search.
  6. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2000
    Ok, I was gonna suggest a century console, but I guess that's out the window. lol
    Fletcher's idea with the 1604 sounds interesting. You should be able to scoop them up used pretty cheap.
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