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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Fooldog01, Feb 17, 2005.

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    Im currently looking into powered monitors and have about $600 tops to spend... I have read in quite a few places that KRK monitors are an excellent choice for the price range and will serve their purpose well. My questions are in the series and size... I would only be able to afford the V6 in the V-Series 2. I was mainly wondering if the Rockit series is any good (its cheaper of course)and just how important the woofer size is, and its relationship with the room size. If there are any other good suggestions on powered monitors in this range, I am all ears. Thanks!!
  2. theholotrope

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    I have Yamaha MSP5 active monitors and very happy with them. 500$, small but powerful. I would definitely take a look at them although KRK as very good as well. Worth a try.

  3. lwilliam

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    Oct 6, 2000
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    When I listened to the Rok-it series, they sounded like there was no bass and you really only heard an exagerated 2nd harmonic (octave) which made them sound boxy to me. I didn't hear much real fundamental below about 70-80hz.

    For that price also check out the Yahama MSP5s (see the other post) and see if you like them better than the V6s. They're surprising for their size and they're getting really good reviews (for the money).

    Speaker size does have SOME bearing on it, but I've heard some pretty pricey monitors with only 6" woofers and they had plenty of bass. Part of it is also in the cabinet design.

    However, you will find that opinions vary greatly when it comes to monitors.
  4. Krou

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    May 27, 2001
    The Rockits don't compare to the V-Series II at all. There's a reason the latter are more expensive - albeit not by much - which is noticed rather quicky. I bought a pair of V6II's last fall and could not be happier. They're the best monitors I've ever owned thus far (mind you, I never had anything super high end: 20/20bas, Mackie 824, Alesis M1mk2, and now these). The bass is not "huge" by any means, but it is tight and controlled, you can definitely hear it and feel it, makes other speakers sound bloated in the lows. Mid-range clarity is top-notch. I know monitors are a rather personal thing, but I love mine and mixes translate extremely well now (took a bit of time to adjust, as with any new monitors). I know exactly what to do to make sure there are no surprises on other systems, it's a great feeling.

    Take your favorite CD's and go listen, scrutinize, take listening breaks and go back for a second round, even a day later. Don't decide based on peeps giving opinions on the Rockit series, they-are-not-the-same!

    There's a review of the entire KRK V series in this month's Sound On Sound.
  5. moonz

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    Titanium tweeters can sound a bit on the metallic side...or so it has been noted...I steered away from monitors that use them after reading this complaint in a few different reviews.

    Silk dome tweeters tend to yield the least "colored" reproduction.

    Adding a powered subwoofer is a good way to extend bass frequency reproduction beyond what small monitors (monitors with woofers that are less than 8 inches) can handle, especially if you don't have tons of floor-space.

    If you are short on funds you can always start out with a set of smaller monitors, and plan on adding a sub at some later date.

    Behringer's monitors are supposed to sound suprisingly good, and almost universally get decent reviews.

    I'm currently using Tapco-Mackies (model S5), and they sound pretty good...they are well-made, with lots of power...limited bass (nothing lower than about 50hz)...But I supplement the base response with a Tannoy 8 inch powered sub (TS8)...I don't have the physical space for two larger-woofered speaker cabinets.

    I expect KRK's "V" series are very nice...I read somewhere that Steven Speilberg himself has endorsed this brand, and I actually saw a pair (V8s, I believe) sitting on a recording console in Ozzie Osborne's house, on his cable TV show (The Osbornes)...and you know he could afford anything.
  6. I just went to the Guitar Center in town here and listened to some of the monitors they had on display. I'm still a beginner, so I don't really have a trained ear on what to look for, but here are my thoughts anyway.

    KRK V6: These were the best pair that I heard. Nice full sound that was easy to listen to.

    Event TR6N: These were a very close second. Weren't quite as bold as the KRKs, but for $200 cheaper, these are pretty solid.

    KRK RP5: These had a very small sound compared to the others, but they were also the smallest speaker there. I thought these held their on being what they are, and I feel they'd be an excellent choice if you only had $300 budget.

    M-Audio BX8: I have read a lot of good reviews on these, so I was excited to hear them. They were actually my least favorite. Not much bass response. Too thin and high-endy for my taste.

    I also heard some Alesis and Mackies, but they didn't snag my attention more than the Events and KRKs. Again, my experience with monitors is very little, but sometimes it's beneficial to have the opinions of untrained ears.
  7. McCheese

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    Mar 24, 2005
    The V-Series are nice, I've used the 6's, 8's and 88's (two 8"). I felt there was a world of difference between the 6 and the 8 the 8 being a huge improvement, and the 88 was just overkill, too much bass. If I was going to get KRK's I would get the V8's. the Rokits that I heard sounded like A$$.

    And yeah, those are V8's in ozzy's house, there was an article a while back in either EQ or Mix about his home studio (I get too many mags....NEVER)
  8. sloop

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    Mar 23, 2005
    The Rokit 5's are better than the Rokit 8's. The 5's are worth their money($300 a pair). the 8's I heard were crap. You have to check the settings on the back when you listen. The attenuators are a bit touchy.
  9. tringlesceo

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    i want to get a pair of v4ii's mounted in my car.
  10. Kswiss

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    I like the RP8s for the money. They don't flatter sound at all.... and the mixes they had at GC when i tested them didn't sound too pretty compared to the other monitors, but when i brought in material that i knew they where the best choice for me. I also mix on NS-10s and needed something powered so i could use them for remotes. I loved the sound of the V8's, but the sound on them is a little too "nice" for me. The highs are so smooth that you can put way to much high end in them and they still sound good. They just sounded looser. I like the V4s though, just not enough bass or volume.... I have the RP8s, and though they don't bring absolute joy to my ears when i listen to them, my mixes transfer excellently and they don't fatigue my ears..... to each his own..

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