looking for a mixer to use in daw mixdowns

Discussion in 'Computing' started by itchy, Jun 1, 2005.

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    hello everyone, i've been trying to mixdown in daw software for years now, and i hate it. completely. in the next year or so i would like to get a mixer that i can use to apply eq and mixdown using contols that i am comfortable with. i really don't care to learn any control surfaces, so i'm not really considering one for this purpose. i would like to integrate it into my lynx L22/ls-aes system i have now, but here's the catch - analog outs are at a shortage. the L22 only has 2 analog outs. but, with the ls-aes installed, and the 2 digital outs on the L22 + the 2 analog outs, i have a total of 12 physical outputs from my daw.

    obviously, i would like to find a mixer that can take aes digital inputs. Mic pres are not a necessity at all, since i am not tracking with this. good eq is a must. does anyone have any suggestions to where i can start looking for something like this?

    thanks for the help,

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