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Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by hamish, Nov 11, 2004.

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    Gday Everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum, but my question relates to studios (though just not the technical gear aspect). My name is Hamish Wyatt- I ve been hanging around on here for around a year, and am an Austalian singer/songwriter (who isn't these days?)

    I'm writing this post to try and get a few suggestions and maybe even talk further with some of you that operate studios over in the States.

    I'm about to spend 5 or 6 months working on the mountain in Steamboat Springs, CO. I have been finishing uni up for the year here and haven't got my CD recorded like I had hoped, so I have just had the brainwave of maybe trying to record over in the states. I have no idea how much I'm going to earn over there, so at the moment I'm just doing some speculative research. I was hoping maybe some of you may have some recommendations or even operate your own studios in the area (anywhere around where I will be based.)

    I write and play a cross between Paul Kelly and Dylan (don't sing like him though) and would love to discuss the possibilities with anyone who can help. I have just turned 21 and would love to make this CD as good as possible, so if you d like to hear my demo's please contact me.

    I am not writing this post as a promo piece but the length of it is just so correspondance (back and forth) is cut down and you know what I am looking for. Sorry if this breaks any forum rules.

    Cheers, and thankyou for your time,
  2. slicraider

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    Look up Ellis at Studio Referrals in LA. He has studios he books for all over the country. He hooked me up with a great studio in LA last summer.
  3. heyman

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    Hamish, can you give me your email address? If you are coming to the east coast I may be able to help you. I would rather correspond via email.

  4. hamish

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    Gday Jim, I just updated my Profile, so its now in there (hamish@hamishwyatt.com) I just defeated the purpose of changing it but what can you do aahah.
  5. heyman

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    Got it, Hamish -- check your email...
  6. djui5

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    e-mail sent
  7. hamish

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    Guys...am in the US atm.
    Thanku so much for your offers to help- its very much appreciated. Unfortunately I wont be able to make it to record as I have decided to record back home when I finish my season here....Sorry if i mucked you around- I wouldve sent private emails, but i am in an internet cafe and don't have enough to buy a lot of time on these things!
    Cheers, and happy holidays...

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