Looking for an upgrade for my MacBook pro

Discussion in 'Computing' started by MBCC, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Aug 13, 2009
    lokking for an upgrade to my macbook for recording
    by aidanv » Sun, 10 Jun 2012 10:24 pm
    hey guys, im aidan and i just signed up to this forum.

    only been recording for a few weeks now, but am enjoying myself lots.
    I am a muscian, been playing guitar for a number of years on and off, drums for a few years now and also a bit of bass.
    in the last year i started singing and leading in my church, so i have been learning a bit about singing, and i just bought a m audio keystation to go with my setup so im learning that too.

    i have also been mixing sound for a few years either in my church, at band events in our area and also have done some work with a sound and lighting firm working with planet shakers church and hillsong as main clients.

    i have always had an interest in recording so i thought id get into it as a bit of a hobby.

    my gear list can be found in my signature.
    i hve found my Macbook starts to use alot of CPU when i have a project going with a number of tracks, so i am looking to get another computer i can setup as my recording rig

    i am having a toss up between a imac 21 or a mini mac. i will be using studio one 2 pro s i am finding this a great program

    im leaning towards the mini mac because i can up spec them quite well and still have a fairly cheap setup. and just geta large tv to use as a monitor

    i was wondering would i be better off with the with the 2.5ghz dualcore upgraded to 2.7 or the 2ghz quad core server mac mini.
    i dont alot about computers, i just know i like macs cause i have found them alot easier to use since i moved over to them and i want another one as i am so used to them now.

    pleasefeel free to comment as you will.

    or let me know if u think i should go the imac instead
    love to hear what others are using

    ill be keeping my macbook for recording away from home and when i travel i can use it for everything else

    Here is my current setup if anyone cares

    I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?arl5de
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