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Discussion in 'Computing' started by davetep, Nov 13, 2008.

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    I am in the market for a Digital Audio Workstation with 8 or more preamps (inputs), but one which I don't need to buy any Pro Tools software to use. I just want to record raw digital tracks, transfer them to my laptop via firewire or usb, and work with the tracks using Cool Edit Pro on the laptop. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    There are all kinds of them out there. Much depends on your budget and the design features that are important to you. I have one called a Focusrite Saffire 10 that has 8 mic preamps, is accurate and quiet, and does a good job that I can recommend. Certainly, there are many others. I'd spend some time reviewing the offerings from some of the dealers. Something is likely to appeal to you.
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    FWIW, you aren't looking for a DAW, you are looking for an audio interface.
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    Looking for a Good DAW

    pr0gr4m, I am looking for a DAW. I would like to transfer the tracks via USB to my laptop AFTER recording the files into the workstation. In other words I do not want to record directly onto my laptop, as it does not have the power or storage I need. Thanks for trying to clarify, though. I realize I didn't state in the first place that I wanted to record first, then transfer later. :)
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    You are indeed looking for an Audio Interface....DAW's are software interfaces (ie.ProTools, Nuendo, Sonar Cubase ect..)But your suggestion doesn't make sense....if I understand you correctly, you want to record to an interface and then transfer over the wav files to your laptop for mixing (via Cool Edit Pro...ect...?) If that's the case, then just stick with recording to a Multi Track Recorder and doing your mixing there. There are some good ones out there!
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    You may well be looking for a DAW but I want to make sure we are on the same page...

    When using a computer as the recording platform, DAW refers to the software being used. From your description, you are looking for hardware - 8 or more preamps. Then you say you don't need any software. That's why i though you only needed an interface.

    If you just need an interface, there are several available of all sorts of different qualities. MOTU, PreSonus, RME are a few brands to check out. I use MOTU (828MKII) and it does what I need. It doesn't have 8 preamps but they make a unit that does.

    Check this out. You can compare the various interfaces and look for something that suits your needs.

    Now if you really are looking for a DAW, from your description, all you need is something that can record 8 tracks of audio (or more) at one time. It doesn't sound like you want any other features because you'll be doing all of your editing in Cool Edit Pro. Question...Doesn't Cool Edit Pro (now called Adobe Audition unless you are using a 5 year old version of it) allow you to record 8 tracks of audio simultaneously? If it doesn't, look at something like Reaper. It's cheap and has a small footprint and the one time I tried it, was pretty easy to use.
  7. Greener

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    A nice set of converters?
    Alesis HD24?

    Then send it to the box?

    Dave, if you list all of your recording gear someone should be able to suggest a piece to add or a way to use it or something. When you mix metaphors and fudge the jargon it becomes more than a guessing game.
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    Thanks Everyone

    Thanks Everyone for your suggestions and clarification. I have a Toshiba Laptop with Cool Edit Pro. That is all the electronic equipment i have right now.

    I agree about the mixed metaphors and fudged jargon, Greener.

    Thank you, pr0gr4m, for the clarification. yeah, I lifted the DAW term from Guitar Center's website, cuz I have no clue what I'm doing! Thanks for your help, and I will follow your link to compare units.

    eLeMzMusic, are you referring to multi-track digital recorders, or some other kind of unit? I was at Guitar Center a few months back, and the main brand names I saw there and at a local music shop here in Sacramento, CA were M-Audio, YAMAHA, and TASCAM. Are we talking about the same machines? Thanks!.


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