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    hi all
    i have been thinking of getting a new imac with logic pro 9 as daw softeware
    with a rme 400 as the interface
    to replace my pc - mbox setup
    which has just stopped woking
    but i here that firewire 800 has probs can anyone tell me if this is so
    or would the imac and rme 400 be a good setup for recording audio i like the idea of all the ins and outs on the rme 400
    i only have a few day to make my mind up as i need to be recording again within the next 7 days
    i am open to ideas and have about £1700 ish to spend on computer and interface plz help me out guys
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    I'm not aware of any problems with audio,ect.

    It's backward compatible to FW400, a simple adapter is needed to run FW400 devices on a FW800 bus.

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