Looking For Low End Laptop As Live Keyboard Rompler

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    I dunno if this is the right place, but I need a new Win7 laptop for home use, but I was thinking that I'd like to get one that is usable for live performance.

    Currently, I use a keyboard workstation (an old Korg) for live gigs. It's getting to the end. I was going to replace that as well with something like a Casio WK7500... prox $500, but then I realised this is 2011... I have extra licenses for NI Komplete so...

    I'm looking for a laptop that can act as a 'rompler'. No need for anything beyond stereo recording or output. Just need it to be reliable. The other 6 days a week it will be used to browse the web and do e-mail and that's about it. Maybe -any- of the current ones will do what I need (my current laptop is 7 years old and runs a P4 so I'm totally out of touch with what's au courante.)

    I guess I'd then also need a portable MIDI controller and stereo AD/DA

    I'd like the total budget for all 3 devices to be under $1,200 if possible.

    Suggestions? The main things for me are:
    a) Reliability

    b) the MIDI keyboard should have at least 73 keys and something a bit better than an 80's synth action... 'hammer' would be nice.



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