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    This may me a lot to ask but I would like to create a set of reference CDs for every type of music out there. In other words I want everybody's input on what they think are the absolutely best mastered CDs out there for a particular genre of music. Ex Rock, Metal, opera, classical, hip-hip etc. Thanks.
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    Wow. That is a lot to ask! I think the easy thing to do is build up your CD collection. It's the only way you can compare the records. You can get a lot of input from people you know but what it comes down to is finding things that you like. I have thousands of CD's I listen to every style I can get my hands on to see what people are listening to. Also I'll get a popular CD but then find I don't really think sound. That tells me what people's expectations are. Mastering is only 1 link in the chain. There are records that I think sound good not great but I know how bad the mixes were and how much the mastering saved the project.

    A great example for a rock record would be Tools Lateralus. Big clear, dynamic.

    I'll give you more later, gotta go.

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    Take a look at some of Michael Jacksons songs. To my ears they are mastered to the highest degree. LIsten to the songs of $50 speakers and the bass cuts through the same/close to as high end systems. MJ doesn't exactly work to a small budget with his work and it shows.

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