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Discussion in 'Drums' started by gmontes, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. gmontes

    gmontes Guest

    Hello fellows...

    I'm looking to buy a piece of software to be a decent substitute for a drummer in my band (of course until we get a real one), what would you say is the best there is on the market right now?

    Thanks for your help, RO rules!!

  2. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    FXpansion's BFD.

    Other options include getting yourself some Drum Sample CD's and a Software Sampler like Emagic's EXS24, Steinberg's Halion, IK Multimedia's SamplTank, MOTU's Mach Five and the various others notably made by Native Instruments.
  3. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    Drumagog! You can tap in a beat, and then replace the taps with great drum samples...

    BFD is supposed to be pretty awesome too...
  4. Lachoza

    Lachoza Guest

    Drop a grand and get an Elektron Machinedrum. You will not find a better drum machine ANYWHERE. It is sick.

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