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Discussion in 'Computing' started by Rabbie56, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Hi guys new to the forums and new to DAW. At one time I had a Lexicon Alpha that I used with Cubase LE4 I believe, but got rid of it. I'm looking to do some "At Home Recording" meaning Ideas and such, but I want to be able to have something of good quality. I'm a guitar player that i plan on plugging into a Line 6 Pod with various other effects and use maybe a drum program with other plug ins to get the other instruments I need. I wanted to pick the great minds on here on what would be best for my needs and money. I looked into some on the Presonus Firewire products that seem to be good, but I'm not sure since I have almost no experience with this stuff.

    So what do you guys recommend for a DAW? It will just be me mostly recording so I don't believe I will need a lot of inputs. Also what programs for drums / virtual instruments do you recommend?

    Sorry if I sound confusing or ignorants to this subject. If you need me to give you more info let me know. Thanks for the help
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    I think you are confusing DAW with Interface. A DAW is the computer program that manipulates the audio coming from the interface.

    DAW: I recommend Reaper.

    Interface: for limited inputs I would recommend the EMU 1616M.
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    Yeah I guess I meant interface thanks for correcting. Like I said I'm new lol

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