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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by 224xl, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. 224xl

    224xl Guest

    What you think about a Cut.

    Low 20 Hz
    High 18 kHz

    I think nobody will hear that but i can get a higher level.

    I will use the TC M6000 EQ for this Job.

    Or better use a plugin like Waves, Powercore Sony EQ or UAD-1 Cambrigde ?
  2. Hi,

    for dance / trance music i also use a 20hz cut with 24db/oct mostly because the bass often has content to down there. For everything else it depends on the music and if there are any artefacts. Therefore highering the cutoff.
    I wouldn´t cut at 18khz, a slope down from 17khz to 20khz with a resulting difference of 3-6db falloff at 20khz is fine, but with cutting off hard at 18khz you are loosing some content that is def. hearable.
    However some "cheaper" A/D D/A converters use a lowpass filter anyway, so i would take care not to attenute it more.

    Happy Holidays,
    Lorenz @ XARC Mastering
  3. 224xl

    224xl Guest

    Thanx Lorenz

    Yes i do dance.

    so where should i cut and wich freq ?

    No high cut at all ?

    this is my way.

    Yamaha DM2000

    Master Insert

    DA Rosseta 800

    Massenburg 9500

    Massenburg 8900

    Neve 33609j

    AD Rossetta 800

    return to insert

    DM2000 OUT

    TC M6000 MD3 or Massenburg EQ


  4. Hello,

    yes - under 20hz is pretty fine, however you have to use your ears and can also go higher if you notice other rumbling or artefacts.
    As for the highend it also depends, i just go in general for a faster falloff then for the rest of the spectrum, from 17khz to 20khz so that you see a 3-6db difference between them in the average frequency response on your spectrum analyzer.
    However, as always - use your ears ;-)

    Btw, you EQ again before the limiter after running it trough 2 compressors already?

  5. 224xl

    224xl Guest

    better do this cut analog @ the Massenburg eq or digital @ M6000?
  6. I do the lowfreq cut at the very beginning so the following processing won´t get affected from any rumble or DC artefacts (especially the compressors).
  7. However, you also could do the cut at the beginning (varying like you need it here) and another one at the end with the M6000 at 20hz again, to remove any content under 20hz that might have been introduced trough your chain.
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