Low Cost Space Couplers- All Recording Studios Need Them

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by spaceman, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. spaceman

    spaceman Guest

    i got some of these and it made my little room sound like it was giant..
    these things work great . i got two and thinking about getting some more.
    i got mine here:
    check them out.

  2. dvdhawk

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    Dec 18, 2008
    Western Pennsylvania, USA

    First, it's poor form joining the forum today for the sole purpose of SPAMMING 4 different threads.

    Second, are you telling me the spicerack pictured in the linked auction is an authentic Auralex SpaceCoupler made of Paulownia wood?

    Third, copying and pasting Auralex's description to describe what we'll graciously call a 'hand-crafted' version - is blatant product counterfeiting and copyright infringement of their written material.

    Fourth, I hope you had fun, as I'm sure you'll be banished from this particular forum tout de suite.
  3. spaceman

    spaceman Guest

    your wrong comments to me

    first off i am not spamming anything, i bought 2 of these and they work great as i said..
    what is your opinion of these, have you tryed them...if not then how can you say they dont work..
    the information about the space coupler details are freely available on the internet just google it...
    i am new to recording also and i first seen these at a studio i was in and the guy said you need these to get a big sound from a small room...he was right..
    i got tired of the so called pros on these forums telling me what i needed and didnt need...according to there opiions...(most of them have something they will sell you if you go to there site)
    opinions are like #$%^$#...ever heard that before ? im sure you have..
    i dont mean to be harsh but dont acuse me of something other than trying to help out other people...
    if i can help people by telling them about a deal i found...whats wrong with that..
    some home studio people cant afford top of the line name brand equipment and they dont work on the side for big name brand equipment suppliers..
    if you listen to some of the so called experts here and on other forums you might as well give up recording altogether..because they say you cant do anything with cheap stuff you got,,,so why bother..
    do i not have the right of the first amendment here...
    if thats the case then maybe i will un-join here...

    thanks for pissing me off from the start...
  4. Davedog

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    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    The guys studio you were in had an opinion and told you what he thought. But unlesss you were there BEFORE the sound control was installed how do YOU know how effective it is??

    Opinions of websites are simply someones opinions and should be taken with the amount of weight you want to give them. If someone with 30 years of designing acoustic spaces gives you their opinion about sound design chances are they know what they're talking about.

    For the record.....for less than the price of those diffusers, you could build a cheap floor to ceiling book shelf and stock it with hardbacks of all different sizes from Goodwill and several other second hand stores and this is a very effective way to control sound in a small space.

    If you want to be pissed off go ahead.
  5. dvdhawk

    dvdhawk Well-Known Member

    Dec 18, 2008
    Western Pennsylvania, USA
    We see this behavior here almost daily, so you'll forgive me for being skeptical. If you honestly have nothing to do with the maker of this product, I sincerely apologize for assuming.

    If you've been lurking here and reading for a while and just registered today, you should know that these kind of posts raise red flags immediately because it has the appearance of someone wanting free advertising - hoping the anonymity of the web will be enough to put up a smoke-screen to hide their identity and surely we're all too stupid to put 2 and 2 together.

    If you're at all reasonable, you must admit it looks fishy. You're registered for one day, and have found a way to wedge what looks like a promotional agenda into four threads. (one of which is a thread by the administrator/owner of the forum - by the way). Again, if you're not affiliated with the maker of the product, I'm suggesting you stick around and contribute more useful information. We're all eager to learn about things we can do, or build, that save money and help us make better recordings.

    There are numerous threads here on building your own acoustical panels, bass traps, etc. Many of these threads contain input from reputable and generous folks who commercially manufacture similar products. That's pretty accommodating! But let's not forget the big manufacturers have done the painstaking research and paid for all the [very expensive] lab-testing required to meet national building and fire codes. That said, this generally friendly community takes a dim view of people who use illegal software, and manufacturers who cut corners and make cheap knockoffs, gear makers who steal R&D, and in this case I have an issue with them plagiarizing Auralex's copyrighted ad copy to sell what looks like a homemade product.

    If the fine folks who make the product you bought wish to advertise here, they can contact the admin and discuss a suitable rate.

    If you bought this product under the impression it was an authentic SpaceCoupler, then those same fine folks owe you an apology.

    I have not said or implied genuine Auralex SpaceCouplers and SpaceArrays don't work. They are wonderful diffusors AND lovely to look at.

    If you've read any of the threads I've contributed to, you'll see I'm no gear snob I'm a big fan of cheap gear that works, on a couple occasions, I've had to remind some of the pros here that we all had to start somewhere. [Tascam 144 4-track cassette in my case]. I'm often encouraging beginners to learn how to make the most of what they have before they go out and buy more expensive gear.

    Regardless of what the boss-man decides, I stand by my post. It's poor form to sign up and pop a link like that into 4 threads.
    Feel free to stick around and contribute more useful information, prove me wrong. I'll be happy to wrong.

    Lastly, as far as your first amendment rights, free speech and free advertising are not the same thing my friend. You're free to shout it from the rooftop. You'll need the site admin's blessing to shout it on these pages, that's what we call free-market.

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