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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by ttir, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. ttir

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    This sounds like a really good product. Can anyone give me any feedback as far as quality? Capabilites with other recording programs such as cool edit pro? anything would be great!
  2. Ellegaard

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    Feb 17, 2004
    Central Copenhagen
    M-Audio is generally very reliable and offers excellent products considering how cheap their products are. I guess the converters on their different PCi cards are more or less the same, so the reason you should choose the 10-10 should be the fact that you need all the ins and outs - otherwise, the smaller and cheaper Audiophile 2496 works just as well.
  3. I just picked up this sound card finally.. and im happy with it.. very clear and virtually if not any noise/static or humming... helps to have a mixer with around 8 direct outputs in order to use the sound cards full potential though.. ha my mixer only has 2 outputs(left and right) but it does the job, and at least gets a bootleg stereo mix.. but yea for the price you cant beat this sound card.. mama like!
  4. NolanVenhola

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    You can use the channel inserts on your mixer as direct outs. They are stereo plugs. Just plug the 1/4" cable in one notch (until you feel it only halfway in and it's secure). That's the send channel, and it will act as a direct out without affecting the insert return.
  5. boheme6

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    If you can find the now-discontinued 1010-AI box.. GET IT!
    It adds lightpipe in/out so you can go lightpipe-computer, computer-lightpipe, analog-lightpipe, lightpipe-analog... or the usual analog-computer settings.

    Really handy if you can find one.
  6. oh man!! i wanna marry you!! ha thanks dood! saved me from running out and buying a mixer with direct outs!!! I can get by for now!!! MAN IM EXCITED haha :) :) :) :) :)
  7. splurge

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    I'm using the M-Audio 1010 with Cool Edit Pro , sounds great. Balanced i/os ,switchable +4 -10.
    It got some really good reviews try a doing search.

    Good Luck

  8. ShellTones

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    What I've heard on various recording Boards is that the converters on the Audiophile, Delta 44, Delta 66, and Delta 1010LT are the same, but the conveters on the Delta 1010 are superior.

    The website doesn't say much, but the dynamic range (114dB) and S/N ratio (114dB) of the Delta 1010 is much better than the other cards (103dB and 99dB).
  9. Gertok

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    Do you know if i buy 1010ai card and 2 m-audio octane(connect one through lightpipe and another one through 8 delta ins) will i record 16 simmultanious track in protools M powered?

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