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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by pseudo, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. pseudo

    pseudo Guest

    Okay, having bought one of these beasts, upgraded significantly from SB Live 5.1, I find that everything I put in via my Behringer Mixer into the rca in, gets distorted. It seems hard to get a decent sound into the mixer...or is it out of the mixer because the sound levels go into the red on the Audiophile Monitor Mixer (on the pc).

    Do I need a preamp into the Behringer Mixer?
    Are my fx pedals supposed to be turned up all the way?

    The order of devices goes:
    Guitar-to- fxpedal- Behringer Mixer- Audiophile RCA in

    Any ideas??
  2. diziet

    diziet Guest

    Which Behringer mixer u usin?

    You may find that you're clipping at the input to the mixer. My UB1002 has clip indicator LEDs. You could try adjusting the input gain so that it doesn't clip.

    Next adjust the master volume of the mixer. I suppose though it depends on how everything is connected.

    Can you let me know?
  3. pseudo

    pseudo Guest

    What does the term 'clipping' mean?

    The setup is like so:

    My guitar/bass will run into the Boss ME50 as per usual, which then goes to the Boss Eq pedal. From the Eq, it goes into a converter which converts the mono jack from the pedals into two mono jacks to go into the L and R in, in one of the stereo channels of my mixer. I have two mono jacks into two rca jacks going from the master out of the mixer into the rca in's of the soundcard.

    The mixer controlls on my audiophile (on the pc) are all set at full as the highest volume for the audiophile is 0 decibels. It has no preamps etc.
    I'm not sure if I need a preamp or not. My reason for this thinking is that the sound goes higher when I skip out the converter into the mixer, and plug the mono jack from the pedals into the mic channel (the behringer has a mono jack and xlr option on it's two mic channels).

    This is probably because the mic channels have phantom power, right?

    1) Any thoughts
    2) Am I making sense

    Thanks a stack for the reply dude, much appreciated. :lol:
  4. diziet

    diziet Guest

    OK I'll try and help, with my limited knowledge...

    I don't have any experience with the boss gear at all. Most of my recording so far on acoustic guitar has been by DIing via the behringer into the 2496.

    Firstly the mixer controls on the audiophile software (as far as I know) only control the playback volume. There is not facility on the audiophile to control the incoming signal volume.

    Maybe someone else will have different opinion on this but I don't think there's any point recordin in stereo. Effectively at the moment all you're doing is recording exactly the same signal into the left and right channels.
    If you want to use your boss ME50 and eq (will add noise to your recording) then ttry the following setup:

    Conect the output of the EQ into one of the channel inputs on the mixer (not sure if you need to use a Hi Z inout but try channel 1). Pan the mixer channel either full left or full right. This means the signal will only appear on one half of the stereo out of the mixer

    Your signal is distorted because it is clipping (going into the red). You need to either:
    1. reduce the volume at the source (on your guitar)
    2. reduce the main volume of the mixer to a point where the signal no longer 'clips' on the computer.
    3. reduce the channel volume on the mixer

    As for a preamp it doesn't sound like you need one for this job as you already have a very hot signal. Also, as your mixer has XLR connections on a couple of the channels it probably has preamps built in. These are used to amplify the relatively low signals produce by microphones.

    There should also be a 'peak' LED on channel one and two of the mixer. If these illuminate when you play turn te gain knob down until they don't.

    I hope this help is OK. I myslef have quite limited knowledge so I'm usin a little bit of guesswork here. Also, if there is anyone else out there who can be a bit clearer please contribute to this thread!
  5. pseudo

    pseudo Guest

    Thanks for the advice. I think with a lttle bit of your advice, extensive reading over and over of the manuals and playing around with stuff, I'm at the point I think I may know what's potting with things.

    Never mind all the weirdness of Cubase to come...

    Any idea why the sound pans to your one earphone when u enable the use of the soundcard's inbuilt ASIO drivers in the device management menu of Cubase?
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