M-Audio Audiophile USB Problem?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by emokidsimon, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. emokidsimon

    emokidsimon Guest

    Just recently bought the M-Audio Audiophile, and i have the tape output from my behringer mixer into the input of it and the output from it to my speakers. but whenever i record vocals or any instruments from the tape out of my behringer mixer, i cant monitor them through the speakers, or headphone output, can anyone help me?

    Basically my mixer is set up like this, Tape output (Phono RCA) >> Input of Audiophile (Phono RCA). Im using Adobe Audition, my computer reconises the Audiophile as the main Soundcard for Input and Output. Yes i am able to record sound into my software. Theres no settings to turn the input up on the Audiophile, its controled by the Behringer, you can only turn the output up or down.

  2. digiduzer

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    in the M-Audio monitor mixer window, there should be features to assign different software outputs to your Audiophile hardware outputs. You would probably want HW Out 1/2 set to either Monitor Mixer or Wave Out 1/2 to be able to hear what the computer is playing.
    M-Audio actually allows you to blend input levels with playback levels in a software-mix.

    (M-Audio Monitor Mixer is accessible through a little "M" icon that should appear in your task tray (MS Windows) )
    And then play with teh featues on the "Routing" tab.

    hope that helps,

  3. emokidsimon

    emokidsimon Guest

    i can hear what the computer is playing i just cant hear what the computer is recording?
  4. CoyoteTrax

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    May 25, 2005
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    Also, make sure the TAPE button on your mixer (in the section that says "Source") is pushed down.
  5. Spy

    Spy Guest


    Greetings emokidsimon,

    I'm not familiar with your particular mixer (and because you haven't mentioned the model number I can't look it up either) but it should have a set of outputs that specifically 'feed' the monitors.

    These outputs are usually (but not always) labeled as 'Control Room' or similar. Connect your monitors (or their amp, if they're passive) to these and the outputs from your soundcard back to spare inputs (which can include auxillaries if that's all you have spare) on the mixer.


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