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M-Audio BX8 Studiophiles vs. Event TR8-N Tuned Reference

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by georgecarnes1, Jan 26, 2003.

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  1. Does anyone have strong opinions regarding one or the other of these products?

    • M-Audio BX8 Studiophile Powered Monitor Pair

    • Event TR8-N Tuned Reference Monitors

    I want to buy a pair of bi-amplified studio monitors for under $500 for a home studio. I am specifically looking at these two models. Has anyone compared these two models against each other? Obviously I know I need to go listen in person, but is anyone strongly pro or con either one of these specific models?

    Here are some product links:

    M-Audio BX8 Studiophile Powered Monitors


    Event TR8-N Tuned Reference Monitors

    http://www.event1.com/Products/TR_Series/Tuned Reference.htm


    Please let me know if you have any actual personal experience with either of these monitors, or any strong opinions either way. Thank you!
  2. GreenLawns

    GreenLawns Guest

    I was comparing these same 2 monitors today myself. My first impression was that the BX8 was a lot more detailed and had a great bass... but after some time my ears felt tired. We listened to the Event TR8 (we thought the best sounding of Event in this price range)... and were very impressed by how natural and full sounding the mids were in comparison. I imagine the BX's were set up wrong... but still, the difference was huge. Songs sounded a lot more like I had remembered them in my head with the, but more was revealed. The TR8 really seemed like the winner.
    Maybe the BX8 would be better if tuned in correctly with the rear controls. I'll go back tommorrow to try some more listening.

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