M-Audio Delta 1010 Question, plus newbie questions(sorry)

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Lilbabyjrsob, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Lilbabyjrsob

    Lilbabyjrsob Guest

    First i'd like to say sorry for asking such stupid ameture questions. I always check the forums and other sources before bothering anyone, but i just cant afford to take any risks.

    I am looking into the M-Audio Delta 1010.
    First, What would my configuration have to be like to make everything work fine. Would i need to buy a few pre amps, because it doesnt mention having any built in.

    Second, i was always confused with the TRS connector situation. It has 8 in and out. Would i have to use a female XLR with a male TRS end if i just was goin to plug a mic straight to it.

    Third, I says "Analog" in and outputs. Does that make a difference. Do i have to get a A/D converter.

    Once again sorry for the inconvience. I dont know where else to go to answer my questions. Thanks.
  2. jasondirckze

    jasondirckze Guest

    Re: M-Audio Delta 1010 Question, plus newbie questions(sorry

    You will need to buy preamps if you plan to use microphones. If you arent using microphones, and just synths, you can get away with going directly into the soundcard.

    You shouldnt plug a mic directly into the Deltas TRS inputs. You can, but you shouldnt. This is where you need a mic preamp. Plug the mic (XLR-XLR) into the premap, then out of the preamp (TRS-TRS) and into the soundcard

    The soundcard is your A/D converter.

    Good luck!
  3. Lilbabyjrsob

    Lilbabyjrsob Guest

    Thanks alot. That cleared a bunch of $*^t up.
  4. jasondirckze

    jasondirckze Guest

    No probs!
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