M-audio fast track ultra issue...

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by TheUkProducer, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. hi ive just got my fast track ultra this morning.
    i installed it all as said in the start up guide. and it worked fine, connected my monitors and plays through them fine...and same when i connect my headphones i get play back.

    when i connected my mic to channels 1 or 2 (which are the dual mic and instumnet input) i get signal recording into the computer but mono, channel 1 = right side and channel 2 = left side.

    when i try connected it up to channels 3 or 4 which are mics only it shows that its picking up the mic and noises, but does not record..

    phantom power is on and everything.

    and i have it all connected up via a usb 2 port (i have a pci card that has 4 usb 2 connections)

    just wondering if anyone could help me with this?

    Also i have a really low hum (i guess thats how i would describe it) when i do record...could this be do to bad cables or something else?

    thanks in advance for any help.
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    How did you get it?
    Have you contacted the reseller or manufacturer?
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    First of all, please don't double post.

    This is because you are recording to a stereo track. Record to a mono track and you should get signal down the center. Also if you are direct monitoring, this may be the result. If you can monitor from your DAW you should get signal down the center. This is preferred anyway since you will be hearing any flaws that the DAW is hearing. Kind of like monitoring from the playback head instead of the input.

    this is probably a setup issue. In Cubase you need to enable the inputs before you can use them. Likely it's similar in your particular DAW.

    This could be anything from pickups, flourescent lighting, poor grounding in your house, poor cables or a poor ground in your recording interface. Also, if you have a CRT(tube as opposed to LCD) computer monitor, this could cause a problem.

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