M-Audio Firewire 410 inputs only mono?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by elhornet, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. elhornet

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    I'm trying to record into my PC via my Firewire 410.
    I've tried a mic (via XLR) on the front input and it only recorded in as mono.
    The same goes for the 2 jack inputs at the back of the card which I was using to record from mixer/turntables.
    The inputs both play in both monitors but only show up as being one channel in the M-Audio mixer, and when I record into Soundforge or Cubase.

    Is there something very simple I'm missing?
  2. orbit

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    im kind of a noob too but...

    as far as i know if you want to record a stereo track you must assign 2 inputs to the same track, one as left and one as right, usually the first input being left and second being right.

    thats how it works with my delta 1010. with alot of things theres no reason to record it stereo, like a bass or guitar, unless you want to use a stereo effect, in which case you could convert the mono track to stereo using your software if you need.

    hope this helps, hope this is accurate.
  3. elhornet

    elhornet Guest

    Hmm I'm not sure thats the problem I'm having. When I record in via the rear inputs, or XLR at the front I only get it coming in on one channel.

    Here's a jpg to explain it a bit better.

  4. elhornet

    elhornet Guest

  5. Hardtailed

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    That's because a mic is a mono signal (just one channel).

    Now you can just use the software mixer to pan that center.

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