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  1. I went onto the m-audio website and according to one of the diagrams it says that since it has 2 firewire connections that you can connect the audiophile to your computer via one firewire and that you can connect a firewire external hard drive in through the other one? Am I interpreting this right and does anyone know if this will work? I've got an external hard drive and it would save me a lot of money if this was the case (I could buy an ibook instead of a powerbook) here's the diagram link http://www.m-audio.com
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    May 25, 2004
    It should work. But if possible it is better to connect the harddisk first, and the soundcard on the second connector of the harddisk.

    The reasoning behind this is that if something happens to the cables or the soundcard, it will not matter much as far as sound goes, it will only stop. On the harddisk it could stop an ongoing write, possibly requiring you to run the repair program on that disk, and possibly lose a few files. Better lose sound than files.

    At home, this is not really a problem. On the road, this may be very important.

    Another possibility is to use a firewire hub, they come surprisingly cheap.

    Firewire is designed to handle quite a few devices on the same firewire bus. If you stay at a hobbyist level as far as number of channels goes, there will be plenty of capacity on the cable. Of course, as you stream more and more channels, you will finally reach a point where capacity will not be sufficient any more. My guess is that this point is about 24 channels.

  3. Hmmm the firewire hub sounds like a better idea from what I understand. So basically I could get a hub and plug both the hard drive and interface into the hub and then the hub into the computer? any ideas where I can get a firewire hub?

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