M-Audio FW-410 doesn't work anymore

Discussion in 'Recording' started by zeep, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. zeep

    zeep Guest

    Due to a possible hotswap (i guess) the M-Audio FW410 now doesn't work anymore. Normally when windows starts up the FW-410 also boots and is ready for use when windows has fully loaded.

    Now windows doesn't see the fw-410 anymore. The blue light keeps blinking which, according to m-audio support, means that the device is not recognized.

    I tried reinstalling it, following m-audio's suggestions, but it's just now working. I also tried to install it on another pc, still not working.

    So the blue light just keeps blinking and windows just doesn't recognize the m-audio anymore.

    I will have to buy a new interface tomorrow. Probably i'll get the same fw-410 because i *know* how it works and all my software runs good with it.

    Can somebody give me some advice on what else i can try with the fw-410? Or perhaps what other interface i should get instead?

    I'm sorry if this post sounds a bit desperate, i really can't hide my frustration because i have work to finish and now i can't do anything. :(
  2. RichS

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    May 22, 2007
    Long Island, NY
    2 suggestions...

    Check your user manual, or mfg.'s website (or call tech support) for a "hard reset" procedure for the interface. (Usually consists of holding some combination of buttons or switches while you restart the box.) Sometimes when you hot-swap, it confuses the hardware.

    Check the mfg.'s website for any firmware updates or updated drivers.

    Good luck.
  3. Space

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    Jun 26, 2007
    Sounds to me like you may be thinking you did a boo-boo and did not power down the unit before you did whatever you may have done with it?

    That's a lot of juice to keep live when you plug/unplug things.

    If it isn't working I'd just run with that first thang:)
    It sounds like it is burnt.
  4. zeep

    zeep Guest

    Thanks for your replies. I called tech support and there sadly isn't a hard reset option, i will have to send the interface back to them (UK) and probably wait a x amount of weeks..

    I couldn't get a new one on monday so i hope today, tuesday, i will find one.

    In the mean time i've checked out the specs for some other nice audio interfaces and some are really nice looking. Quite possibly i'll sell/trade the fw-410 in some months and go for a alesis io14, tc konnect 24d or focusrite sapphire le. But i want to hear them first.
  5. zeep

    zeep Guest

    Well i'm testdriving the Focusrite Sapphire LE now.
    -Sound quality is good.
    -Easy install.
    -Nice solid device.

    -The mixer window is difficult to use. Sliders don't show values and don't 'snap' in center or 0db positions.
    -Mixer window doesn't minimize to tray.
    -I hear ticks now and then. Which is a first for me.

    Just thought i post my findings. In any case it'll do for now until the store gets the alesis or tc konnect.

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