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    Does anyone out there know?
    I have M-Audio drum and bass rig" for Cubase Sl on P.c. Windows XL

    It has four different instruments, the bottom is the bass. There doesn't seem to be anyplace to play notes on it. I don't get any sound out of my midi keyboard, nor is there any buttons on the computer (icons). Is this suppose to be this way?

    Also another M-Audio product. Pro Sessions Heavy guitars. When I put the Cd in to load it. It gives instructions for other systems but not Cubase. Is that a thing? Are samples specific to recording software programs and not just PC vs. Ma. I'm new to this if you can't tell.

    Anyway it's been three weeks since I have purchaced them. I can't get into M-Audio's tech page.
    Thank you
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    I recently purchased drum and bass rig, the best way to trigger it is with a midi controller.

    The sound will come from the computers sound card, each instrument is assigned a seperate midi channel, so you will either have to change channels on the controller, or manually change it from the plug.

    There is a complete manual on the install disk.


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