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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by dunhill, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. dunhill

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    Hello guys.

    I am interested in making descent sounding mp3 format music files for personal enjoyment and possibly to show off my songs to family and friends.

    I'm a guitarist who can play bass and sometimes sing as a joke. I have a pentium 2/3 system with M-Audio Revolution Soundcard and Audacity. I'm not planing too spend much, so i've decided that i'm going to purchase a SM57 for gui/bas/vocal purposes and a M-Audio Product. Something like Mobilepre USB or Fast Track USB etc...

    I was wondering which product will be good for me. I'm leaning towards the cheapest one, Fast Track USB. But i was wondering about Fast Track USB not having XLR and Phantom Power; thus, unable to use Capacitor Mics for quality amp recordings, vocal recordings etc. Does it really matter? or am i overreating?

    Also, i was looking into Digitech's GNX4. Should i buy GNX4 instead of a M-Audio product? I don't care about those many effects or the actual quality of the effects for gui/bass (cos it's good enough for me), just for it's capabilities to do anything including drums and recording vocals etc...

    any suggestions? what should i do? thx
  2. Nirvalica

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    i wouldn't get the digitech. how much are you willing to spend? just get a nice interface.
  3. I'd go with an M-Audio interface. They're a great brand. I'm personally not too impressed with DigiTech either. How much are you looking to spend? Are there any specific requirements that you'll need met? Personally, I use a M-Audio FireWire Solo. It has slightly more flexibility than the Fast Track, better software compatability, and lower latency, but it costs a bit more. It's was about $60 more than the Fast Track, if my memory serves me, but it was definitely worth it.
  4. dunhill

    dunhill Guest

    My budget is around 270$cdn (price of Firewire Solo).
    My specific requirements are....

    1. good quality recording for guitars, bass and vocals
    2. ease of use
    3. i don't want to buy add-ons, misc. lines & gadgets or a even software stuff.
    4. durability
    5. file format in mp3
    6. ability to playback the sound through headphones or speakers when i'm recording.
    7. no time delay when i'm multi-tracking(?) or ever.
    8. no hiss

    As of now, i'm leaning towards M-Audio Firewire Solo. Does M-A FS interface meet these requirements?

    I've noticed that Firewire Solo is not USB; does this mean that i'll have to buy a soundcard with a Firewire input and Firewire connector & cables?
    Also, what are Firewire hard drive and sound module?

    I would love to get the GT Player Express software also. I have a hard time finding drum tracks, and it's a bitch to make them into a 4-5 min loop that
    sounds descent (i'm using Audacity). Does the Ableton Live lite 5 offer similar type of effects/drums tracks/drum loop programs like the GT-software does?

    What about a M-Audio Black Box?

    Finally, what are the things you like/dislike about the M-Audio Firewire Solo?

    Thanks again.
  5. Nirvalica

    Nirvalica Guest

    first, firewire is like usb, but i believe it started as an apple/mac thing. anyways, it doesn't have anything to do with your soundcard. they are built in to the motherboard. if your computer doesn't have firewire, you'll either need to get a new motherboard or computer, or find something different.
  6. Monosylabik

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    Jun 6, 2006
    Mexico City, Mexico
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    Instead of getting a new motherboard, if your computer is a desktop you could add a PCI Firewire card. If I'm not mistaken, there's also PCMCIA cards for laptops.

    Anyway, I think it's easier sticking with what you have, so in your case I'd recommend a USB interface. I could recommend the Tascam US-122. I have one and never had a problem with it (though I might sell it because I need an interface with more outputs). With it you can record 2 channels simultaneously, is very well built and very stable. Besides, it comes bundled with Cubase LE, a very nice DAW that should be more than enough for what you need. Check it out.

  7. dunhill

    dunhill Guest

    Thanks guys.

    But which one is better? They are around the same price.

    Tascam i think has one extra XLR Mic Input with Phantom P. Also MIDI I/O's (what is this for? like for drum machines and keyboards?). It seems they've included a better software bundle.

    M-Audio doesn't have all that, but has S/PDIF whatever...and has higher kHz audio interface..does that mean that it's faster and better quality when recording sounds?

    M-Audio has FAST TRACK PRO that seems like an equal to the US-122 from Tascam without the MIC whatever...

    If M-Audio Fast Track Pro has GT-software Library... why doesn't Firewire Solo have the program? is it because Firewire Solo is for guitarists, therefore doesn't need to include the GT, since guitarists mostly own M-FXs or stompers?I have no clue...

    I don't know which one could be better for me, getting the firewire card wouldn't be hard and it's only 18$.
  8. dunhill

    dunhill Guest

    Anyone have any more suggestions? about getting/not getting a FireWire Solo?

    Also, anyone have any websites for reading reviews about Interfaces and etc..?

  9. The M-Audio Firewire solo is a good buy in my opinion. A friend of mine bought it and I got to mess around with it. If your computer doesn't have a firewire you can go and buy a PCI card with firewire inputs. Much cheaper than buying a new motherboard considering the firewire PCI card is like $20 at the most.
  10. arh

    arh Guest

    I have and use it. It does the trick for me 100%.


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