M-audio ProjectMix IO upgrade?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by MediaMurder, Oct 24, 2007.

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    I could use some advice, sometime in january or febuary I will be buying a new interface to help get my freelance producing going. If I buy the m-audio ProjectMix would that be a great start or what? I basically will be using it to record bands with a DAW. I want something that gives me great sound and great control on a professional project studio level.

    Here's what Im using now.
    iMac (20', dual core, 2 GB)
    Logic pro 8, Reason 3
    Line 6 toneport kb37 (gearbox)
    M-audio AV-40 monitors
    AT-2020 mic package
    SM58 mic

    I wouldn't be replacing anything but rather adding to the project studio and making it more professional so when a band contacts me and says, 'hey we need a 4-5 track demo, can you help?' I can say 'yeah bring your amps and kit to the studio'.

    So would the ProjectMix and a handful of the right mics put me in this position? Or should I go with something like the firestudio project from presonus?

    Thanks guys!
  2. MediaMurder

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    So I guess nobody here has ever used it? lol
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    Interesting topic .. want to buy projectmix too and want some advice... I already use FW 1814 and Octane preamp.
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    I think that your question might be hard for anyone to answer. Most people that would have either the firestudio or this board probably don't have both. And most likely don't have anything pro, nor the experience or expertise to compare the two.

    I own a firepod and think that it's pre amps are pretty good. I would highly recommend the unit, but my only reference for comparison are a number of consumer/prosumer all in one digital four and eight track cassette tape and digital units from years gone by. That and a couple of stints in pro studios with really good engineers (and way too busy thinking about playing and nothing else).

    Just looking at the ProjectMix, and all it's bells and whistles compared to the suggested retail price, I'd have to say that they compromised somewhere. It's nice to have motorized faders and a control surface, but for budget level studio gear, I'd rather be spending the money on just the basics.

    Perhaps somebody with technical knowledge and experience will take pity on us and look up the specs for both of these items and clear things up a bit. Of course, they might just tell us how they recorded one of the finest rock and roll bands in the world with a single SM58 and two Radio Shack tape decks soldered together with bubble gum and a paper clip.

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