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    First off all I am trying to do is record decent quality hip hop vocals. All I could afford was a m-audio mobile pre usb and a shure sm58. I will be using cubase sx3 to record into. I have hardly any experience with recording using computers at all so I have a few questions that might seem dumb but if you guys could help me out that would be tight. Today I tryed recording for the first time and I was having a problem with being able to hear my vocals in the headphones as I was recording and it was messing me up. So i wanna know how I can fix that I tryed muting the direct monitor in the m-audio control panel and all that did was make it so the vocals werent being recorded at all. Also the vocals that i did get recorded were only on the left channel not in stero. I dont know if that normal or whaT? Third what is the best way for me to make my vocals and the beat blend together good? Thanks for reading this.
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    In cubase, there is the little speaker icon in each channel. That must be selected for you to hear what you are recording. Another thing that you will want to check are your VST Connections. Make sure that your outputs are set up for the mobil pre.

    A microphone signal is mono. So it will only be recorded through one channel, either the left or the right. That's not a problem. what you need to do is pan your channel in the mixer so that the one channel is in the center and not panned hard left or right.

    Blending vocals into a mix isn't an easily answered question. But there are things you can do that can help. Level is probably the first place to start. Make sure that both the beat and the vox can be heard clearly without one stepping on the other. Giving the vocal some space can help. Add a bit of reverb or some delay, maybe some doubling. Try adding it to the beat.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for answering my question so quick but the thing is this m-audio mobile pre has its own monitor so if I click the speaker icon in cubase to monitor then what i recording is delayed a little bit. And if I try to mute the direct monitor in the m-audio software then I get no sound at all. Really all i wanna know is how I can get the sound myself rapping out of my headphones when i'm recording i just wanna hear the beat nothing else cuz for some reason that messed me up today.

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