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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by drummingdave, Feb 7, 2008.

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    Ok here it goes.
    I currently have a 2001 Mac G4 Digital Audio quicksilver with a Motu 324 card paired with a motu 1224 and Motu 24i interface. Nothing works now because:
    1. my mac hard drive crashed and lost the original factory OSX system which USED to recognise and work well with the 324 card.
    2. Now since the original came from Sweetwater it used to have OS9 and upgraded to OSX and it was setup correctly to recognise the software package installed from Sweetwater of DP4 and the Motu software including drivers and basically everything needed to be up and running correctly FROM SWEETWATER.
    Now this is where I'm at currently.
    I have installed a working harddrive.
    It currently has 10.2 jaguar but no OS9
    Matter of fact OS 9 WILL NOT INSTALL AT ALL. Neither the white disk of OS9 nor the OS9 "reinstall" disks will install on the new hard drive ...ONLY OSX 10.2 would install.
    I tried all the forums on macs websites and others to follow tips and trick and backdoors to install OS9 but none would work. I tried all of the regular ways to install from start up, ctrl c, booting proceedures of all sorts but none would allow the actual complete boot up process.
    SO.... moving on.....
    I get 10.2 to install and load the DP4 driver disk, and the Motu 324 drivers AS IT STATES TO DO but no luck, the install procedure halts and spits the driver cd disks back out as if it doesn't recognize it.
    It USED to work before with earlier operating system, not now with 10.2.

    I have bought countless versions of OS 9 in many forms and colors but none would load.

    This is what I want to do:

    Install 10.4 on a fresh hard drive, install Motu drivers which will load and Motu 324 drivers if they will load and get my mac back up and going OR

    find a pc which will allow a 324 card to fit in the pci slot and be at the right voltage (3.3v or 5v) AND actually be able to run at a good pace.

    Right now I'm sitting on two new pc's which won't accept the 324 card and a mac which wont load OS9 or recognize the 324 card as well as the motu software.

    please someone talk me through this. or give advise to fix the mac from the bottom up and or find an old Pentium III intel chip set for the 324 card to operate with.

    I realize this is a big post and much information is needed but if someone could take the time to get me through this a little each week and keep this thread going until I get it right I would be in debt to you.
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    welcome to RO drummingdave,

    Note: please do not enter multiple posts on the same topic. one is all you need around here! We all read the forums, posting the same question more than once only annoys the community and mixes up everyone.

    PS, I deleted the 3 other topics and also reworded this topic to better define what you are asking..
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    I have a Motu 24I/O in a PC running Windows 2000 - no worries there.
    The PC is at least 3 years old and performs without a hiccup (1Gig AMD CPU, 512Mb Ram, 64Mb Video, 3x 80Gig HD).
    The only problems I had with it was figuring out which PCI slot the card could live in and not cause IRQ conflicts with the graphics card.

    That being said, have you downloaded the newest drivers from MOTU?

    BTW> I'm no MAC guy, so I can't speak on any authority there...
  4. gdoubleyou

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    Sounds like the MOTU CD has an old OS9 install on it, go to MOTU and download, the driver. You will have to register to download.

    It's also possible that the OS9 disks you have are a version that is older than when the machine was made or they are damaged.

    If you get your setup running, back up to another internal or external drive.

    When I had a G4 I kept a system folder on all three drives in case of emergency.

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