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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Drizzt, May 11, 2005.

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    Well a lot of this may be to have the ability to work on a remix for NIN's "the hand that feeds" since it was released in a garageband format. But I have become more curious to see what all of these "MAC" people tend to rave about. That and it would not hurt to know the system and it would only assist in my music creation if anything.

    I am not looking to spend a lot of money as i have alreayd invested qutie a bit in my PC DAW.
    I was lookign at mayabe a mac mini /w 512 RAM as a possible option. I know they are difficult to upgrade and limited. I have also been browsing around ebay at some G4 based Power Macs.

    What would be a good course ot look into? A new min may even be mroe than i am willign to spend at this point but I would like some suggestions. Thanks
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    honestly, if you have been a pc person, mac will be relatively slower & a little redundant if you are proficient on pc already.

    With Mac, PC, ProTools, Cubase, Logic Audio, Digital Performer, etc. they are all the same - once you learn one you learn them all.

    You are not missing out on anything.

    If you want to get great recordings, learn what you have got already to the best that you can. The answer is never in which gear you have but your ears & knowing how to use all the tools - doesn't matter which ones just knowing them.

    If you still feel you need to get in the MAC, a G4 powerbook would be a good start, some sort of usb sound card & you'll be able to get some insight on the mac world....

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    Dec 3, 2003
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    A mac mini would be a good option if you want to go mac- just make sure you get at least 1GB ram, not 512- yoiu can get a GB stick of ram for the mini on ebay for about a hundred bucs. Another option, of course, is an ibook. Go to the apple store and type sale- you should be able to get an ibook for about 800 bucs- make sure you add more ram (a gig would be nice) and you're ready to go. I got one of those to augment my system (remote recording, extra tracks for shows) and it has worked great for me. I just bought a G5 for my main rig, the ibook is my mobile arm. Good luck!
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    I just picked up a Mac mini, it's a good starting point.
    it's basically a repackaged Powerbook.

    What you do get is better integration in my opinion, all plugins are system wide. I can access my audio plugs in my video apps.

    No multiple plugin folders if you have more than one DAW.

    I haven't seen any PC DAW that comes with the range of effects and instruments , that are available in Logic. Haven't experienced better surround mixing features than those found in DP4.

    You can even make great sounding music with Garage Band, the entry level DAW that comes loaded on every new Mac.

    I own both platforms, but the software I prefer is Mac only.


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