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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Strad, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. Strad

    Strad Guest

    ProTools and Mac G4 user here. I use Unity DS-1 as my soft sampler (and I love it). I bought Unity Phrazer for looping (I hate it).....and PT for slicing and looping ...well forget it! I am looking for the "perfect" software package (for Mac) for effectively/efficiently/creatively making high quality loops from my audio CD's that have .wav, .SD2 , .aiff, and other audio samples ---

    I have heard that ReCycle is the best (Mac) tool for slicing and dicing and then dumping to Reason for the loop de loop and export as SD2 so I can use in PT....

    Am I hearing right ?
    Easy to use?
    High Quality ...24 bit stereo?
    Will import and export to a variety of file types?

    answers to the questions above ....and...alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated ...

  2. savvyslacks

    savvyslacks Guest

    i'm not as familiar with some of the strictly midi software packages, but digital performer will do everything you are talking about. i use it and love it. i'll do sessions with a drummer then take just the loops i want and build from there. i can adjust his tempo to fit my songs without changing the pitch, attack or anything. dp's the best.
  3. WSpeckmann

    WSpeckmann Guest

    Hi Strad,

    did you check Ableton's 'Live'?
    Free demo at
    really amazing.

    Kind regards
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