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  1. so after much thought, i think i finally settled on a mac pro. Just wanted to ask a few more questions. 1) how does cubase 4 run on the mac pro? compared to g5 and a pc of the similar quality? 2) how does firepod work on mac pro (im planning on upgrading that eventually) 3) i also heard something about older vst plugins not working on intel macs? Thanks for all the help.


    hey my own personal experience...

    i have had nothing but PROBLEMS....with my setup...

    which WAS....

    Mac Pro Intel
    Fireface 800

    crash after crash....clean installed....and kept having bugs...

    i gave up.....and bought a system from ADK Audio ...from Scott and Chris...

    They set me up with a GREAT PC and Nuendo 3...The Lynx Aurora waiting for it stilll..but all i know is my setup was ridiculuously UNSTABLE....if this is what u go for..i hope its nothing like my experience...

    but if u go to the cubase forum...ull see alot of people are having RANDOM crashes on both platforms.....


    Mike X
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    After being a longtime cubase user, my advice is that if you REALLY want to use Cubase...stay on PC. Or runthe PC version under Boot Camp.

    For the sad details check out, some features, like dither are currently not available for MacIntels.

    The Mac Pro is a killer machine, for the best experience add Logic Pro, or Digital Performer.

    :shock: :? 8)
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    I've been running a macpro for a while with no problems. but for best results use logic pro. amazing program on an amazing machine.

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