Mac RAM vs PC Ram? Which is more efficient?

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    I was wondering if anyone could validate this statement:

    PC uses RAM more efficiently. What may be 4GB of RAM on a MAC G5 is equivalent to 2.5 maybe 3GB RAM on PC.

    A friend of mine was trying to explain to me that the MAC does not use RAM as well.

    He sent me a screen shot of his computer running 30 applications (including photoshop, lightwave, modeler, illustrator, aftereffects and many more)... he is using just 1GB on a PC and the screen shot shows 50% ram usage.

    A friend of his had 512MB ram on a 2.0 g5 and his systemn crashed after three applications and a calculator.

    Any ideas? Is my 2GB of ram in my G5 really not running like 2GB on a PC?
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    512Mb is barely enough to run OSX.

    PCs are probably using faster RAM, but in the example you gave Windows would have to use the hard drive for virtual memory.

    Actually they may be using the same type of RAM
    You will be OK on your Machine.

  3. fontane

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    thanks... does anyone know where i can find out more about this subject?

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