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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by chrispotter, Apr 7, 2009.

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    Hey everyone
    I am also quite a newb to recording, got some basic equipment and im not sure whether or not upgrades are required/possible. I have last year's Mac book, apogee interface/logic pro. The thing is the Apogee/Duet interface only allows to inputs at one time, and Im looking to start recording some higher quality drums/multiple instruments at once.
    Along with that, even with just 2 imputs my Mac gives me the " system overload" message quite frequently. i tried out an interface with 8 channels and it struggled recognizing even one channel at times.

    I guess what im looking for is advice on whether or not to upgrade to a desktop Mac or even a G5 i think they're called, or can i upgrade my laptop as it is to handle multi-track recording? As well as, should i stick with the interface approach for recording more tracks?

    Any advice is much appreciated!
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    Dec 11, 2007
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    ITT: Upgrading a mac.
    Good luck.

    All I can think of is using an external hard drive, and closing everything not needed for recording especially web browsers and chat clients.
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    Jan 6, 2007
    Chris, I too am recording on a MacBook (the white one, not the new aluminum one) with 2 gigis of RAM. Right now I am recording without an external hard drive, and when I try to multi-track in Logic, I often get the overload message as well. I can, however, record 8 tracks simultaneously without a problem in Cubase LE (came for free with my Firepod). What I do when I want to record a live session is track in Cubase and import the tracks into Logic for its mixing capabilities. I'm getting an external HD soon, so hopefully recording to that will let me use Logic for multi tracking, but for now I only track with it if I'm doing one instrument at a time.

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